Because I Feel Like I'm Losing.Mature

I thought you were better?
You were happy at several points, what happened?
I miss the way you were,
Why can't you be that way again?
You never talk,
You never smile,
You never...

How can you not see it?
Everybody hates you, they're all annoyed with you.
Sometimes, they wish you were gone forever.
Never to cause stress and unnecessary drama in their lives.
Ever again.
Its pathetic how you let the words that people say to you make you vulnerable.
It's just so...

You're not that bad.
You're really not.
Why do you think like that?
Just because people say stuff like that to you...
Why do you even listen?
You're better than that.
You really are.
I wsh you were back to smiling and being happy.
I really do.
Everybody does.

I hurts to much to face everybody that you love,
When all you know you're going to do is disappoint them....
for the millionth time in your life.
It hurts because...
You listen because...
Well, just ...Because.
Don't you remember what they said?
Change or they will either run away or kill themselves.
I guess everybody knows about you.
But, don't forget...
Leave a note.
Tell them it's not their fault.
Even if it is.
Just say it's not.
Save them the energy and go.
They'll miss you,yeah...
But everything will be so much better.
So much better.

I just want you back to the way you were.
I just want you to be happy again.
I just want to see you smile.
Not the fake one that you always give everybody else.
Your genuine, non-forced smile.
And, if you make your own choice,
I just want you to know,
They will always love you.
I will always love you.
The End

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