Hear Me

How do I find the words?
How do I know what to say?
My message will be warped
By your mind anyway

 So I'll cry all day again
So frustrated by my voice
Just wondering how many
Of you know you have a choice

I walk in a sea of misery
A sad beacon of light
Oh, why should I be happy
When you don't know your plight

And I'm trapped in my head again
A trick that fooled myself
Thinking I knew everything
Except for what I felt

So go back to the beginning
And learn to walk again
And speak a babbling brook
And listen through the din

And maybe someday I'll sing
A language you understand
And maybe someone will hear me
And come to lend a hand

Because I'm lost and all alone now
Standing beside the sea
Throwing pebbles in the ocean
And learning just to be

The End

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