Healing Poisoned Ivy


 Healing Poisoned Ivy


An innocent mind filled with poison

Imprisoned inside a dangerous illusion

 Mind trapped in a one-sided dimension

Blood penetrated with dark intuition


Unscarred by the danger without any pretention

A resisting body against forbidden superstition

 A forbidden act done with irrational cognition

Attached with strings and injected with poison


Caused entirely the whole body with deprivation

Fully alert and prudent in a hazardous situation

 To heal not only her tampered veins with caution

Far beyond reality seeking for a solution


To be finally free from the will of exploitation

Flowing veins of harmful blood hoping for diversion

 To be fully aware with the hypnosis of the mind killing avocation

Even if the entire body system has been needled with dark poison


To live in silence but doubtless wise with the opposite immunization

Continuing the mouth to be zipped but still the ink must go on...

 With the final choice of having faith in God as the only option

Because He had planned everything in this world with His own reason


And pray with strength with Him to put ourselves away from any temptation

Without putting inside each one's minds the aiming for perfection

 For we are all made by Him as part of His creation

As human beings living in only one earth to do each and one's obligation...


The End

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