The welts fade to a bare glint of red on a white wrist,

Everything used to seem like a rotting rose,

Flaking away one petal at a time,

But now that rose has been dead-headed,

One huge, painful procedure,

Has made everything neat and almost simplistic,

Glossed over the mangled, bruised bits,

So that the only way is up.


I Will Heal,

It's not over 'til I say so,

It's not over 'til the last ounce of fight has been medicated away,

And the lithium becomes liquid-tablet-gold,

Nothing's over,

Everything is a painful, uphill journey,

So easy to fall back down,

But I won't,

I am a Fighter,

A victim is attacked,

I chose to be this way,

I don't change for anyone but me,

A bleeding heart and bleeding wrists won't heal,

But a mind that thinks deeply and freely,

Will always pull through.

The End

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