He who opens your soul

It's him,

he who taught me how to love,

Opened my eyes to a better world,

Opened my heart,

my mind,

my soul,

to greatness.


Yet 'tis he who breaks my heart,

time and and time again,

Opens me to sadness,



I'm mad at you.

You say you'll be there for me,

that we're friends,

and yet you hold hands with her,

hug her,

tell her you love her.

But I know I can't stay mad at you,

which makes me all the more confused.

People ask me,

"Why do you lie on the grass out in your


I simply shrug,

not expecting them to understand,

but to just except.


They bother me with questions,

and I try to tell them,

tell them what I feel everyday,

think everyday,

see everyday.

They say they know how I feel,

and yet they walk around,

feeling happy as can be with their lover,

and I just wish,


Hope that I will just float away,

maybe go to the tropical island paradise,

the one you call, "the devil's home."

But I call, "my home."

The End

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