He Used To Be My Father

I closed the door on him
For the hundredth time that day
He made more promises
More time to just talk
But they would never happen
Twisted and scratched like my childhood

I never had anyone to look up to
In horror I realised
When the beer was in his hand
He became the person I'd know
He used to be my Father
Now he is no one

All the flames oh his words
Sarcasm pardons no tyrant
I was suffocating at age 6
I was used to it at age 8
He would raise his fist
And shadows were formed
That would never leave

I couldn't see the reason
What did I do wrong?
Was it just my fault?
On Sundays I'd stay in the garden
I wanted to be taken away

The only passage I can tell
That I was free from his hurt
Was when I was a child
And he put me on his shoulders
I was on top of all the anger
I was on top of all the misery
I was on top of the world

The End

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