He Touches Her

A story of new love and how past heartbreak can hinder it's growth.

With the touch of his hand

Placed gently on her face

With just a simple stroke,


He soothes her soul

Genuinely whole.


Her sad emerald green eyes

Beg him pleadingly brave

Love her infinitely.


Stilled, their affection stirs,

His Love now equals hers.


Though cautiously weighing

Risk verses their fate

Cut so terribly raw


Old remains of heartache

Love preciously at stake.


Greater than his loving

Fearing he, she'll forget

Or Fall out of her mind


Too curiously drawn,

Yet, He’s slow to move on.


She shy’s away the fear

Delights in his courtship

Screams satisfyingly…


“The bitterness has died!”

Quite quietly inside.


For she loves him truly

She’s sensitive & pure

Embracing his warm hand


Unknowing his sweet touch

To her, matters so much!


Eyes pierce her wounded soul

Searching yet, for her truth

Her life story, her love.


He needs her too, as ‘his’.

His Baby Girl, his Miss.

The End

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