Helping the poor

A rich man helps the poor in the most simplistic way.

He helped the beggar.

He left large numbers of ones on the highway ramp.

He rolled up extra newspapers at the library and built a makeshift home from boxes.

A home so uniquely built it had its own sewage drain.

The man put a small food stand at the shelter with a carry out popcorn machine.

He gave the poor extra plastic bags from his Walmart.

He built a stand next to the Cans so the bags could easily be reached.

The man helped the poor by giving them small soap bars, napkins, disposable items from the dollar store.

"Easy enough", he said.

He used all the resources he could find, observed them outside the Drake and found their favorite hang-outs.

Built a library onto their shelter so they could save money for the bus.

He bought them their own air conditioner, turned it on HIGH blast, so it kept the whole place cool, even on lonely nights when the roaches took refuge and when the crack heads ran out of crack.

Everyone needs to sleep.

And there

He would sleep

Amongst them.

His hammock tied right beside their cots.

His sandals right next to their suitcases.

And his jacket right next to their shopping carts.

Tomorrow would be a new day, for the Tired.

The End

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