He Didn't Luv Me Back

My first Love and Heartbreak

 I've got to move on I can't stay in this state of mind.
If you want me you know what to do.
I've got to move forward can't let you get in the way.
I took a chance with you, but you turned me away.
Truth be told I was hurt and in sorrow
I still care for you though, but you i'm done with the chase
I would be a fool to try and change your mind, that would be a waste of time
I somehow don't blame you though, what prize would I be
You probably wouldn't wanna waste your time with a girl like me
Our worlds are different, two spheres that don't touch
You know how they say 'so the lion fell in love with the lamb' well the lamb fell in love with the lion
What's the difference? The lion didn't fall back
What a stupid lamb to fall in love. What a smart lion not to fall back
Why would I fool myself into thinking you would wanna be with me
There are plenty of other beautiful girls out there, so why would you choose me

The End

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