He sits alone all night long. Not a word shall enter his mouth as he ponders. He thinks of all the things that have gone wrong. All the memories he wants to push from his head. Each breath is silenced in the cold. As each word goes unheard from his mind. The things he will never be able to change. They start to slowly kill him inside but there’s nothing he can do. He cries but no one knows as he lays in silence. The pain inside him eats down to his core. He feels like he can’t take anymore of it. But he does. For he never stops to amaze the ones around him. Not by changing. But by fooling them into thinking he has. The lies he has & will tell everyday to keep there smiles upon their faces. When all he wants is for the fake one upon his own face to disappear. He savors for someone to try and save him. But it seems as the ones who hold on to his hand the tightest. Fall down with him into his dark hole. The sadness he holds fills the room and creeps into the lives around him. His shadows become darker in the light so that everyone may see. His scars are hidden but nothing can be hidden forever. And he knows it. But there’s nothing he can do. But try. He knows that he has a problem. And he knows that he needs help. But he knows that he can never promise something that is a lie. All the secrets that he holds with in his soul are starting to pry their way out. The scary thing is he doesn’t really care anymore. His addictions eat away at him and he hates it. He peers into the darkness and is frozen. The nightmares he has known. They have some how became reality. The dreams he once owned. Become what they truly are. Dreams. But he hasn’t slept in ages. With one last breath in reality he falls deep into a world of imagination. A world that is safe. To him. He falls into his dreams that are so perfect. For him. To escape for even a moment. From this nightmare. This nightmare he calls life. For now he is okay. For now he is safe. For now he is fine…But the fact still remains that “He” no matter how hard is still and forever will be…“Me”…

The End

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