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I wanted to find out about that light at I-House.  I needed to know the truth. Was someone living there?  Was there a ghost? Had someone died there?  I was afraid, afraid  to know the truth, but something kept pushing me, forcing me to dig deeper, to learn what happened.  I started asking around, but no one knew anything, or at least no one was talking.  I asked the director of I-House  and she got a strange look on her face and just said, "I have nothing to say about that, and I advise you to stop asking. You might be sorry."   I asked the janitor who had worked there and he said, "Get away from me!" 


Finally I had the idea of checking the old newspapers  to see if anything strange had happened at I-House. I went to the Hayward library and asked to see the files.  The librarian went in the back and brought out a dusty old box filled with newspapers. I began my search, going back one year, then five then  ten..... Suddenly I found it -- a strange story that went like  this:


Hayward, October 31st, 1981 by Miriam Ferlezki, reporter

Police were summoned yesterday to i-House at the Cal State campus after frantic phone calls were received from a young woman who said that someone was pursuing her with a knife  through the hallways of I-House.  On arriving the police did not find the woman, but they found a bloody knife and a note which read "If you find this, then you will know that I have been unjustly accused of breaking the rules of I-House and falling in love with another resident.  I cannot face the shame of such criticism, but know that I will haunt this house forever, until my name is cleared."

The End

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