Haven Of The Screaming Soul.

Haven Of The Screaming Soul.

I Passed On, I gave Up Life.
I Wish This Were True, But, Still, There's Strife.
A Nightmarish Existence, Tortured By... Fire?
A Will To Leave The World, My World's Strongest Desire.

Tortured By Fact, I Shall Never Leave.
I Cannot Feal My HeartBeat, I Can't Even Breathe.
Screams Surround Me, Look At What I Have Become...
I Wait Here Eternally, For The Light To Come.

The People Who Wish They Were Alive The Most,
They Are All Trapped Here As Wearisome Ghosts.
Our Worst Emotions Surround Us All,
It's What We're Forged Out Of, Us Screaming Souls.

I Can See My Skeleton, Hung Up On Display.
It's Here For The Visitors, Who Are Here To Stay.
I Lament That This Should Be Their Fate,
For, This Is The Torture In Which We Wait.

Day By Day, I Lose More Of My Way.
I Watch A River Of Tears Where My Hopes Float Away...
I Never Sleep, I Can Never Dream Or Forget.
For, This Is The Sorrow That Fate Has Set.

"I Drift Along This Hallway, Forged Out Of Trapped Souls.
I Never Would Have Thought, We Could Have Been Such Fools.
Night By Night, Day By Day, More Poor Wretches Coming Our Way.
Screaming Forever, We Wait In Our Pain. For Judgement Day...

The End

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