Have You Finally Gone?

It's about someone who wishes to be alone, so he can't hurt anyone

I'm haunted by things that I've done

Hidden from view, decaying in the dark

I only have the desire to run

Away from you, afraid of my scars

My secrets make themselves known

And that'll be the end of me

My secrets cause my mind to explode

But at least I'll be set free

I can't bear to hurt you

But it's easier to escape me

I'm nothing but a train wreck

I'm nothing what you expect

I'll wipe away your tears

But I am the catalyst of your fears

Lonliness, In a moment I disregarded

I destroy everything I started

It's better if we go seperate ways

Because the end of the road holds only a void

But I thought you'd be overjoyed

Is there nothing I can say that'd make you understand

How I hold your heart in the palm of my heart

I only wish to return you what is yours

But I'm breaking what I once adored

I want nothing more than no expectations

The world's burdens to break

I want nothing more than simple creations

To make my own little world, for me alone

Are you gone, or must I destroy you further

Am I alone, or do I still love her

I can't face what was once so simple

Black and white mould into one

Are we still in love, or have you finally gone

The End

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