Don't You Remember How It Felt?

You’re down and out, you’re heart throbbing with pain,
You can’t remember the last time you were happy,
can’t seem to call forth the good memories,
So, let me help you, let me help your mind
find that happy place:

It’s like bubblegum and
poetic verse etched into bar
row boats on shimmering water bled shores,
sprinklers running,
chasing screaming children,
drenching them with delight
in the Death Valley suburbs-

You’ve felt the happiness then-

Don’t you remember feeling the elation bubble up inside,
spilling over in a torrent of gleeful giggles
cascading into a babbling brook of reassurance
and contentment,
peace and calm and peace of mind,
and tingling joy?

Can’t you remember how happiness felt?

Don’t you remember?
The quiet, solemn making its bed
in the silver lining of your souls,
the library of moments ,
big and small,quietly waiting
to be reminisced alongside a loved one’s laughter.
Tell me, don’t you remember how happiness feels?

The End

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