Have You Ever Felt

All the feelings of life.

Have you ever felt,

like you were on top of the world.

Ready to fall into the great big pools, 

of mercy and blue.

Ready to slide down the face of the next heartbroken girl,

like one of the millions of tears she will shed in her life time.

Have you ever felt?

Do you understand what I have been screaming for years?

Have you ever felt so alone, 

because you had no one who knew what you were going through.

Have you ever been alone, 

and have to prove yourself all over again, 

because the last time you were on top of the world, 

you fell?

Have you ever felt, 

like you had no one to share the things you see, 

the things you fought,

the things you feel.

Have you ever thought that maybe, 

it's just you?

Or maybe it's everyone else because,

how could you be wrong.

You can't be wrong.

Have you ever felt what wrong feels like?

The ache and knowingness

of that one last mistake that everyone knew.

Or can you feel at all?

The End

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