Have you ever

Have you ever just stopped
Looked around
At the people surrounding you
Looking at their faces
Be in their world
If only for a moment
Feel their pain
Their joy
Their anxiousness
Their love
At anytime
The world continues
The world has so many lives
Events, opportunities, sorrow

Have you even just took a peek
At the language of the body
Stopped in the halls
See the confidence
The excitement
The fear
You observe
Reach to their souls

 In a way that only you understand

Have you ever just walked into a room
And really feel the emotion
The people that sit alone
Their anger or sorrow
The group huddled together
Their love and happiness
The people looking
Serene and content

At those little moments
You connect with those people
Took a look at their lives
Felt their
Joy anger or sorrow
You understand them
Even if only for a split second
And sometimes those moments are all we need

The End

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