Have a great beginning!

The author's friend is joining at a new place. She used to be not very confident at times about her potential. And now, she is joining there at a very high post.
Just a poem to celebrate and tell her she has miles to go.
I know this doesnt make quite a sense :P

The sun burns brilliantly,
to receive you.
The roads have given way for you to appear.

The gates wait for you.
And they shall unbolt, for you.
And for your dazzling launch.

Its not just coincidence,
its destiny.
I had told you good comes;
though a little belatedly.

Trust in goodness if not in god.
It’s just the reality and nothing odd.
The earth is at your foot!
Open your eyes.
Gather your wits and realize!
Your potential,
And all that is yours.
Here have,
“All you ever aspired for.”
Who knew? Destiny shall bring.
So much to you,
In just a fling.

Don’t relax on your oars,
for you have miles to go.

For your fantastic identity!
Low I bow,
Low I bow.

The End

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