A terrifying Performance!

 Skeletons in the audience, a black curtain pervades the stage. 

The curtain is lifted and the crowd are applauding a rage. 

A dancer daintily performs her routine, infront of the dead. 

This girl is already deceased, a memory of what was said. 


Smoke is rising from the set, to obscure the dancer there. 

As the girl completely disappears, the curtain and the stairs, 

An hourglass appears on stage, the sand is rising quick. 

Ghosts are now circling the monument, performing their skit. 


A skeleton announcer is now in the centre, announcing the performance.

Dressed so differently to all the girls down to the jewellery that adorns him. 


"Welcome, ladies and gentleman, please come and take a seat! 

Watch a show like no other out there, come in and rest your feet!

Watch in awe as the dead dance for you, perfom and sing their songs. 

And gaze in dismay at a gothic show with a sinister, unholy throng! 

As the great and ebony curtain rises, the show becomes more haunting.

The show will leave you breathless and you will find this hour is ever daunting!"


The sand runs out and half the hourglass is now empty of colour. 

The hourglass shatters into a million pieces with surprising valour. 

The pieces of the hourglass are transforming with haste. 

On every shard of glass descending is displayed a horrific face! 


The face on every shard of glass is laughing as they fall. 

The scene changes as the sand obstructs the curtain call. 

The curtain rises once again to reveal a startling sight. 

Approaching on stage is a skeletal figure reading by candle light. 


A mysterious and ungainly chant, a gothic reading from the script.

A cabaret develops infront of all the faces, As they see a bone scattered crypt. 

Then in the midst of all the bones, a figure appears in white. 

A vampire attempts to conquer those who force her to see the light. 


Now as this scene disappears, the dancers have returned. 

But, now they dance with emotion as they almost seem to yearn. 

A beautiful and haunting voice can be heard singing behind.

They can only hear the sounds for all of them are completely blind. 


They each have their own interpretation of the singing. 

They dance a sinuous dance, to the tune the voice is bringing

An absolutely terrifying and unenvious show of flare. 

"Come up unto the stage and join us if you dare!"


Now a slave to the will of a force higher than you, 

You have no restraint and your will is now theirs too.

You're dancing a melody that you have never learnt before. 

To an incredibly powerful and completely nightmarish score. 


The curtain falls once again upon the stage below. 

But, the sound of bells ringing is all you now happen to know.  

You can hear the sounds of the haunting voices that beg you to stay. 

In your sheer terror you are almost illiterate but can just force out a "Nay!"


"And now Ladies and Gentleman, I present the grande finale!

A living human shall be sacrificed, his soul shall be my fee!

For witnessing a show of darkness, thus is the price to pay.

Can you feel the terror, pulsating through their veins?

I shall grow stronger, feeding from emotion and disdain!

And the world shall live to fear the darkness that the world brings. 

I cannot stand and know not the reason why every shrouded human sings!

So I shall take away his will, his reason for life and material thiiiiiings!"


The spirits are surrounding you, you have nowhere to run.

They're all converging on one another until their deed is done.

There's absolutely no escape and inbetween lies a hole.

As black as midnight and as deep as the most heroic soul. 


The hole begins to close around your very being.

You can not believe your eyes, nor the illusions they are creating. 

As you take one last breath, your soul is feeling empty. 

You cannot expect from these soulless creatures any sort of empathy. 

The End

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