Hatred's Domain

Burning fires and death's seeking eyes,
I will hunt you down,
Rip out your soul,
Unknowingly, destroying myself from the inside out.
I am Hatred.

I will give you shelter from the storms,
Warm your heart with steam hot broth,
I will aid you,
Raises your spirits, unlike my friend Hatred;
I pity Hatred for I am Compassion.

Dismember the head of evil,
I fear not Hatred.
I will cut him down;
restore peace and seek Compassion;
I am Valour.

Valour is seeking glory,
His righteous war is tainted,
Tainted with greed and insatiable need for recognition.
Compassion is quick to judge;
Should I be so quick to judge too?
I am Wisdom and only Hatred is pure!

Only Hatred brings forth valour,
Only Hatred shows true passion and compassion alike.
Emotions, you fuel Hatred,
She answers to no-one,
Take the time to learn her for you may just see;
She rules us all!

The End

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