Has Hopeless Dreams

a poem :)

Has Hopeless Dreams

It hurts so much
The pain inside.
Into no one
Can I confide.
I have to struggle on,
Day to day.
In myself I have to find
Another way.
Right now
It seems impossible.
How can you think
Its even plausible?

I cannot cry
Because if I do,
I will not stop
Crying over you.
I fill my day
With lots of tasks,
The smile on
My face but masks
The hurt I feel.
The endless aching,
The suffering
I am taking.

The need in me,
Echoes through my mind.
But the answer,
I cannot find.
How do I
Get over this,
When all I can think about
Is your sweet kiss?
The memory
Of your touch,
Haunts me. I long for
It so much.

The love I didn’t want
But I still found.
And now I would give
A million pound,
To be with you once more
And for you not to walk
Out that door.
But alas,
These hopeless dreams
Cannot be granted.
Love is never what it seems.

The End

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