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Harsh Realm –


I lost my character and jeopardized everything

I want to be the boy still writing beautiful sentiments

It represented everything... all I meant

In the grand scheme of things I almost sabotaged your very essence

I became self-aware of my present tense

She says I should’ve gotten the insurance (on your word)

Who are you trying to convince?

I seek confidence… I seek motivation

And yet, I can still detect your distant restrictions

I’m drenched and cold, I seek shelter. I’m starting to rust

I took advantage of you by manipulating your trust

She says "I’ll repair (any) all of your injuries 

I’m not here to judge, so show me all of your beauty"

Anyone who’s known me long enough knows of my sarcastic tendencies

It’s the new trend, you see

I called attention to myself – I broke down during this episode

I really should’ve gotten the insurance on your word

This is my wake up call

You’ve been the harshest spectator

And, you’ve somehow kept strong during this little alienation

Our last episode is still playing through my head in heavy rotation

You’ve illustrated your point; you want me out of your life… its quite evident

You really despise me and all that I represent

There’s quite a speculation circling around your decision

You’ve instituted your position

And now there’s the notion that you’ve discounted your faith

You may have hinted something was different or left a trace

Everyone’s captured by the scene, It’s incredible – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen

If I had to evaluate everything I would say we’re all born as aliens

And, it’s nothing been possible to hunt down everyone

I’m not saying it’s impossible, I just don’t believe in guns

I’m not saying they don’t exist, I just think words come first

If I had to notate what the hell was going on right now...

The caption should read “not in my house”

As of us right now, we’re all in denial about what’s really going on

Harsh Realm

The End

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