Hardest Part of Ending is Starting Again

Ever sit down and just think to yourself?

Waiting for an end to come?

Something so important once you now have to find a way to let go

Holding on to what you can no longer comprehend

Looking on about before, convincing yourself "it just wasn't meant to last"

Forgotten things I've said to you

Only having things say at me scourge at my brain

Putting up walls only because it's hard to trust anyone with the real truth

Everything out of my control

Just drifting to the side yet you're the subject

Watching the adults scream and curse out loud

Yet what really matters is never really said, it just stays in my head

Thought I had it all mapped out for you and me

But I guess I was wrong again

I hold onto something that I wish could be true, but it's obvious it won't be that way

I'm having to pick up my pieces by myself

Don't know where to begin after the end

Isn't the hardest part of ending...starting again?

The End

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