Hard to say goodbye

Ever been in love so bad?
Even after a year it can be difficult to move on,
This is how I felt.

This I say,
What must be said,
What you need to know,
What's in my head.

It's been over a year,
Without shedding a tear,
Until the time came,
Where I had to say goodbye.

This year has gone,
I must move on,
But it was so hard,
Hard to say goodbye.

The times we shared,
The days you cared,
It was difficult to know,
It was hard to say goodbye.

The days we had,
Good and bad,
I said I would forget,
But it was hard to say goodbye.

Things we did together,
I'll remember forever,
When we part I'll cry,
When it was hard to say...

The End

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