happy you're happy

I'm happy you're happy.

Truly, I am.

Yes, I would plead guilty to the charge

of secretly wishing upon you devastation and depression,

only because I was devastated and depressed.

But I'm getting better, and

I'm happy you're happy.

I heard through the grapevine of voices

knotted together by my own assumptions and ideas

you've got a new girl in your life, now.

When I first discovered this, it was like having the wind knocked from me.

It wasn't the fact that it's only taken you three weeks

to forget me,

it was the fear that she'll be prettier,




That your friends will like her more,

that she'll be more right for you

than I ever could be.

But then I realized that was all a matter

of my own pride and vanity, and

I'm happy you're happy.

And what once was a fresh wound

is now a fading bruise.

Because I know that I am pretty,




and I didn't care whether or not your friends approved, though I tried,

all it came down to you,

and I knew you loved me,

but sometimes you can love things that aren't right for you,

and I knew I wasn't, as you weren't for me.

I was a melodramatic roller coaster,

you were a rising star,

I craved closeness,

you wanted to be far,

I am a writer,

and you don't read,

missing each other in our greatest wants and needs.

And now we are on opposite ends of the globe,

but if we spoke, I would tell you

I'm happy you're happy

not to be spiteful, not to be factious,

not because it sounds like I'm taking the higher road,

but because I am happy for you.

And maybe someday I will say

I'm happy, you're happy

but that statement would be a lie at this time,

for every night beneath the moon my pillow is drenched with tears

wrung from my heart.

And every morning is a feat to rise from bed

and meet a new day without you,

but I'm learning to be at peace.

Until then, when my friends shame your name by saying finding someone

to replace me this fast is a disgrace,

or when I hear praise about your growing fame,

I smile and say

I'm happy you're happy

and then I walk away. 

The End

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