Happy Tonight Finally

Jumping out the nest, looking to fly

Everybody judges when they don't know inside

 I don't let them inside, I closed these doors

I'll never again be the victim of a dick-sucking whore

 Or a backstabbing friend, I'm broken again

Someone dropped me and shattered all my pieces again

 Everyone likes to think that they've been through the worst

You can see my worst, it's written down with these words

 But my best is the best, it shines like a beam

When my stitches are strong, and so are my seams

 In a box, in a closet, it's not what it seems

Ride a trike down my road, come make fun of me (xD)

 But I'll do it again, just to do it again

Just wanna be happy, I don't care if I win

 And I'll rap out loud for as long as I can 

Until Mason becomes a wrinkly old man

The End

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