Finally my birthday,

I'm up at midnight,

Waiting you see,

For the moment,

That special moment,

I loose all teenage lack of credibility.

Hit the twenties now,

The real adult times have begun,

Because you see I'm twenty now,

And my life has just barely begun.

What lies in store for me?

What could I do from here?

There's so much I'd like to do,

But who knows where I'll go from here.

It's the last year of uni,

A masters I could take,

But then I could do some living,

If my bank balance wasn't at stake.

See life as a student these days,

Is rough and tough and hard,

Because who wants to live on beans and toast?

When there's a load of goodies to be had.

And the media,

God don't they choke?

Squashing our image,

We're the noisy ones,

The partiers,

The financial joke.

But hey, next time give a thought,

To the future that lies ahead,

Because your doctor,

Your lawyer,

They paid their dues,

And now they're making cash.

So yeah, I might not be a med student,

I may not be studying law.

But hey, English is pretty important,

Although the way you talk you wouldn't know.

So here I am turning twenty,

And I'm thinking, what comes next?

And do you know?

The honest answer is,

I haven't figured it out just yet.

The End

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