happy birthday baby brother

happy birthday, baby brother.

Although, I suppose, you are hardly a baby anymore.

I was there when you were born.

There was so much blood, and the room stank,

and from my mother’s extended legs

you slipped out.

As easy as an idea, you barely cried,

you simply lay there, and stared while I stared back,

not sure what to do with this bruised body in my palms.


happy birthday, baby brother.

I taught you to laugh, and how to blow the feathers

of dandelion seeds into the wind.

I taught you how to make a wish.

Your crib was in my room,

when you had nightmares, into my bed you crawled.

I’ve never slept better than when I was next to you.


happy birthday, baby brother.

Through your life, you grew and grew,

you are in high-school now,

and you have a girlfriend too.

I’m a country’s length away at University.

You’re taller than me,

if only I could see,

if only I could be there

on your special day,

and watch you blow out the candles on your cake.

I’d remind you that no matter how many inches

you tower over me,

you will always be my baby.

The End

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