I want to scream
For all the world to hear
Not a care for who or what
As I express my deep regret

To you I'll yell to
Let the wind care my whispers
To your patient ears
As you strain to hear my voice
Over all these many miles

Three simple words
Uttered in reluctance
Returned with the same feelings
Yet still ringing true

They washed away all my anger
Because despite the meaness
From only moments ago
These words were, are, forever true
And nothing can get in the way

It warms my fragile heart to know
That despite everything and anything
We can still walk away with the love in our hearts
And be whole despite the brokeness

One day, my only love,
We will be together as we should've always been
And then, my love, we can share together
This endless bliss that'll be our lives
As we finally get our happily-ever-after

The End

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