Happily Ever After is a Drug-Induced Hallucination

Happily ever after is the end of the fiction
Of a lazy bum writing for profits
In society where Anderson's "Little Mermaid"
Turned into a musical children's movie
And the prince's kiss awakes the beauty from her sleep
We are forcing our girls into resignation
Into date-rape, depression, and suicide.

Happily ever after was written by cocky men
With the blood that should have been running the brain
Elsewhere as they try desperately
To bait the lovely ladies of their dreams
With tales of eternal happiness
"Never mind the tireless work of a wife." 
While their mothers tell them to close their eyes and think of London
Caught as Ophelia between "love" and family
Both pulling her side to side,
And as she desperately struggles to fall forward,
Their binds break and she falls back
Over a cliff, breaks her neck
Where's her dear handsome prince now?

The End

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