Hangin' On

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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Hangin' On

©1995 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 5, pg 59)

Calls of curiosity to satisfy our needs
And get-togethers, infrequently
They seem to be occurring too consistently
Between you and me

Hangin' on - to a beautiful memory
Of a love that was shared by you and me
Hangin' on - indefinitely
Don't you think it's time to take hold, or set it free

We seem to make an effort to cross each others path
And fill each other in on all the time that's passed
But baby, how long
Do you think that this will last

Hangin' on - to a distant memory
Of a love so pure, and a love so free
Hangin' on - we're both as guilty
We just can't let go; no not you, no not me

See we both know we feel oh so outta place
To spend time together without that warm embrace
Yeah there's no expression we can wear upon our face
To hide the love that we know has gone to waste

Hangin' on - yeah it's hurtin deep
To feel these feelings, yet fear to speak
Hangin' on - I'm not the only one
That craves this love long after the setting sun

Oh what's it gonna take
For us to stop dreaming, for us to awake
Will it be another lover that will give us a good shake
And get us to realize the love that we'd forsake

Hangin' on - it seems so clear
We want to be close, but not get too near
Hangin' on - let's take a stand
If you say you'll be my woman, you know I'll be your man

'Cause we know there'd be nothing worse for you and I
Than to see our true love lost in someone else's eyes
So maybe we should take some time to realize
The kind of love we have, before it's too late to try

The End

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