Handwritten Letter from the Past

Well my teen years and well and truly dead
It’s more to mourn than anything you have ever said
I don’t want to feel sorry for you it’s not me
Instead I just feel the smug satisfaction of pity

Am I supposed to be your friend again?
even as all my inhibitions were proven to have slain
I don’t care for your so-called apologies
because you’ve used up all your pathetic promises

In your ivory tower can you move for your pride?
I’m sure I’ll hearing over and over that you tried
You said I had no right to express my grief
so I will go ahead and allow your voice to sheath

So dress provocatively and allow all the girls to stare
in your mind you still think that they care
You said you want to help others but is that a lie?
I think so because you never even try

I grew out of the immaturity you hold so dear
Maybe in ten years time things will become clear
There’s the latest woman calling out for you
Better answer her, you believe she is true

The End

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