handshakes with resignation

i'll rewrite this when i can dredge up the effort. i'm feeling a little dull lately

and sometimes
i'm afraid i'll never
tell my family 
my gender identity. 

i know i sound
like i'm making excuses
when i say that they just
"wouldn't get it"

and maybe i am

but it's true

hell, they can't even 
get the pronouns of our pets right, 
how can i expect them to grasp 
my typically-plural pronouns?

i'm afraid of so much, 
but i'm most afraid of this. 

i present as female, 
and i'm working on that. 
but they don't see gender the way i do
i'm working on teaching my parents slowly, 
not so as they'd notice

but my stepmother's 
yet to grasp
that it's a continuum

and the way you present
does not define your identity

so i guess i'll keep trying

The End

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