Ƈhandler's Ʈheme

A song I wrote a long time ago. It is the soul of my first emotion-filled protagonist, Chandler - the creature from whom countless characters have descended.

Ƈhandler's Ʈheme

Another dismal, darkened day
Another gruesome debt to pay
And yet the sun's not in the sky
For it was stolen the day I died

Every day, another death
My soul is hardly from hell kept
Yet if I chance to sell my soul
Another heinous death bell tolls

Bloodied daily, but still no one
Knows the depth of my burden 
Silently struggling, I press on
Waiting for the break of dawn

I once knew boundless hope and light
But now it all has taken flight
I know better than to hope
For I am left here, all alone

Judging eyes will glance my way
I deserve them; I am depraved
Corrupted, fallen, dissolute
A broken wretch, a hopeless brute

My hands are ever stained with blood
I know no peace, for I know not God
I am alone in this cruel place
Hidden from love's every trace

My wrongs will never be erased. 

The End

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