Hand it over, obama

Not really sure what i was thinking when i wrote this one.. The psychedelics got me

Every piece of artwork was derived from sadness

You can't be creative if you've never been hurt  

I mean

The best drawings were drawn by people in pain

The best writings were written by people that have gone through hell and back

But our country is being led by stale seniles

Minuscule figures 

They were too happy as a child to truly understand

What they're enforcing is pathetic

We need young individuals that entirely understand youth

The problems that come along with it

And how to solve it 

These individuals have been through the most

Study life and probably have more musical talent than the anyone in government 

They deserve to lead us

They're mature and creative 

And they have the answers 

Hand over the power to the potheads, obama

We're taking over

The End

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