So, one day i was asked a phrase by a seemingly crazed mad (he had seemed to be stricken with some type of mental ailment but whatever) and this phrase (which he did not explain to me in truth...) i took from it a lesson of Perseverance and Indefatigability.

One day I was walking and a man said hey is your hand dead?

And im like…wha?

Then the man said again is your hand dead?

I wish to ask if his heads dead but instead I thought ahead and said…

Can you explain what you mean?

His response was somewhat serene in tone and he told me the phrase was but a screen.

A metaphor better for those who petal for better floors and walls.

He painted a sceen in me, filled with greenery so clean to me it just seemed to be in keen belief

A dream to me. 

Like the Raven with nevermore it ever more bore into every pore .

Like the news from a letter for a better whore who has learned she will have a husban nevermore.

And I let this picture seep into me deeper and I ask again, if he could make me understand.

The man says it’s a phrase grand to those plan for underhanded problems,

And any man who keeps his hand astand noone can stop him.

Less he renounce his fate and try to make his way to sodom.

Then every one will turn their back there’ll be no one whos got him.

And he continues on to say “hey son you havent answered my question’

But alas I didn’t think he knew his question caved my chest in.

A lesson learned indeed I see believe I see a presence of

Elightnement in deed to me so blessed from he who lets it.

I tell him… my hand is that of higher power waiting to be unleashed.

If folks believed in me. I’d succed to be a beast at least.

Your preach to me was key lifted far beyond my reach.

He said is your hand dead now.

I say its heart began to beat.

The End

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