hallows eve

Wear my mask for me

it's the last night we can walk the streets

pretending to be the people from our dreams

nightmares or sugar sweet

and if we impress, the reward is best

in chocolate covered candy bars

the morning is a million years far

on halloween.

Wear my mask for me

forget the mature personality

kids grow and forget the terror

the dark and the dangers that linger

lock them up inside our hearts

forget to share our secret parts

we sip our drinks and laugh at the children

so free, so innocent

secretly jealous of syruped grins

we won't risk knocking on the doors

because we're terrified 

we might not be let in

on halloween.

Wear my mask for me

let's pretend to be young again, just for night

because the reality is that we are two people

that should have never been at this time

catch me in a year or two and I can promise my heart

now all I can guarantee is that we'll fall apart

but stop

because the stars and out and we don't need to worry anymore

your hand in mine saves me from the ghosts behind closed doors

love me tonight

the sweetest reward is yours, always

and in the new day we'll put our lives back on

and go,

but remember nothing lasts forever

catch me again caught in between 

the moon and the fireworks

on halloween.

You know where to find me.

The End

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