Half Faded Scars

It's about blaming others for the loss of a lover, but then realising that your relationship was headed for ruin anyway

I lost all of my senses in one confused dream
I ask myself what really happened then
I found myself in ecstasy, yet I could barely breathe
Then they delivered me to the ghost of my lover
And all too soon my love was over

I kicked and screamed in outrage at my friends
He left a scar all clear for the world to glare upon
Though it was headed to ruin, I still had a love
And now what little I had, is forever gone

Morning comes and my heart still swings like before
Should I send a message, or do nothing at all

I met with my friend, the one who killed the ghost
With mocking words, he wasn’t the reason I fell
I shattered my own world, and left my own heart broken
Then he cast a faint light and my world was brighter
But even as I dream my breaths are strained, my chest tighter

I cried and drunk a little more, hoping for a romance
The scars refuse to fade but I can only smile
I am headed to ruin, shook myself free of a false love
My heart’s walls unfurled, left my mind to the wild

Daylight ends and I’m still none the wiser
Can I feel anymore despised

The End

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