My hair comes out but I stay true

It is unreliable, like you

I can pull it, twist it, I feel no pain

But I don't see what I then gain

You moved me and shaped me like I was your clay

I didn't complain, though my fabric would fray

I was too scared of going astray

The way you think makes me shrink

And still, I sink

So I'm falling

But conversation is stalling

Faraway voices calling

I stumble away, crawling

I look bad, but I don't feel so

First time for that, I know

Everything I say and do,

I was kept in line by you

And it's weird knowing someone so well

But feeling like you're under their spell

Yet nothing you do makes me afraid

Even though I'm in your charade

A masked ball, can I recall

Your face without fear?

When the fog becomes clear

Will you stop being austere?

Or return to your old ways, a smirk for your 'dear'

Like my hair, you are there,

But I can't make myself care.

The End

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