Hail Stones

This is another version of my previous poem titled hail stones. Enjoy :)

I look up at the sky,

The black scattered with stars.

Clouds and planets,

Venus and Mars,

Clouds explode,

We watch the rain pour,

As we stand getting soaked,

Hail stones roll off our coats.


We came to hide here,

But hide from what?

Away from those people,

I wish my eyes could stay shut.

Watching the world shatter,

Fall apart in our hands,

Nothing else matters,

It rots in the ground.

A broken place,

So full of despair,

Nothing I know,

Could ever compare,


No-one cares what happens,

You're on your own,

Get away now,

It doesn't matter how.

Go now, run!

Please don't be found,

Just run away,

Leave me,

And never turn 'round.


Save yourself,

Even if it’s only for me,

It’ll be so much easier,

I couldn’t bare to see.

As the thunder roars,

Rain pours,

Buildings tumble down,

People scream and they run,

Try so hard not to drown.


I know you're somewhere,

With eyes like stars,

I'll see them again,

Even if it’s on Mars.

The End

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