Night Time Sunshine

Sleep settles elsewhere,
Weeping thorns grasp me tonight,
Mind entombed petals.

Steaming black coffee,
Another after midnight,
Eyes refuse to close.

Bleeding mascara,
Fills midnight in thick black streams,
Broken minds don't rest.

Twist of the white wrist,
Key unlocks a long closed door,
Nightmares run rampant.

Like drowning black hearts,
The epitaph plays darkness,
Sleep settles elsewhere,

Street light is mocking,
The red ribbons in your gaze,
You damn the stark glow.

Windows of nightmare,
Like an insomniac plague,
Shatter our last dreams.

Time may be halted,
Yet we will spend more sleepless,
Nights together soon.

Eyes weep dark moments,
Fractured sleep prompts me to scream,
"Catch me as I fall"

Oceans may divide,
Yet restless hearts and minds will,
Traverse time and space.

A cracked sunshine.
Lady Oblivion here,
We sleep in solace.

The End

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