Cherry Blossom

im not a fan of this whole writing 140 words each time, if i want to put something short and sweet (or not so sweet) in, i should be able to, talking this much is ruining the vibe of a good haiku. I don't know how to describe this haiku, i guess you could call it a happy one, like even though good turns to bad you can always find the best of each situation, i guess. Is my 140 words up yet? i hope so before i continue confusing people...

Summer has ended,

Cold weather is arriving,

Yet blossoms still bloom.

I wrote this haiku this morning for some contest on t.v that i saw but i could find where to send it to, so i wanted to put it on here, but then you can't write short stuff and i didn't want to write anything else, im glad someone added to this haiku compliation or i never would have found it.


The End

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