Haiku 1: My Hammock Awaits

I love haiku! When I first began writing poetry in 2005, I'd go online to sites that offered poets writing prompts so I could practice expanding my creative muse. Haiku is something I treasure: here is one of "my treasures" from my Haiku poetry chest. Enjoy!

 Calm, quiet, serene... 

Placid glassy pinks and blues

Reflect the sky's hues. 


Clouds, curling and dark... 

Extinguish the last of light.

It soon will be dark.


Fragrant, wafting breeze...

The scent of tropical air

Erases all care.


Sounds around me twine...

Gently they lull me to sleep;

Vigil 'oer me, keep.


Evening paradise...

All around me is at rest,

Til the sun shall rise.

  © HAIKU 2-25-05, Elyssa Kae King (pen name); aka MmpLady; aka Gail Allyson King)

The End

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