Had I Known the Heart Breaks Slowly

Cento poem :)

Life's rough, and then you die

And I die a little each day as I live through it

It is too much sadness

Each day, I carefully apply another

Mask to hide the mask

That almost worked the day before


Forgive me when I have no strength

No one taught me how to feel

Loving you is easy, and at a time when nightmares occupy my sleep, it's necessary


I remember now

Our summers gone

Oh but then I had power

I who have pulled your heart like a heavy plate

From the cabinet of your chest,

Held it flat and perfect in my hand, then let go



And now I've lost the best part of me

I cannot scream

Useless as wounded pride, and much more painful

I wonder

Whether telling you how truly special you were

Might have made a difference

And I wonder about you and where you hide


It feels like I never win

I have shut my windows

I am building a model, of an entirely new heart

If my heart is cold and never bleeds

And all of my days are dying

I wonder, what among these shades will be left of me

This is my torture


With Thanks To:

Maya Angelou

Helen Steiner Rice

Federico Garcia Lorca

Seymon Kirsanov

Mary Selph

Lauren Stacks

Jocelyn Stott

Amal Khan

Tala Abu Rahmeh

Becky Mann

Cindy Lisica

Jessie Childress

Jason Foley

Kimmy Nelson

Alexis Jimers

Shannon Delany

Tiffany Gibson

Julio Contraros


Randal Mallander

The End

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