About the movie 'Hachi: A Dog's Tale", written while listening to the theme piano song. Waiting for someone who will not come.

Waiting for someone who will not come
Waiting for the train which contains no one

No one's coming home with you, tonight
No one will be there for you, tonight

Head resting on paws, anxious for him
Chances of the return, however, are less than slim

Waiting for a reverse in time for you
Waiting for someone who will come for you

He isn't getting out of the train, though
He isn't coming, they've told you so

Snow, hail, autumn leaves from above
Shattered and lonely and wanting some love

Can't move, won't move, will wait till forever
Can't move, though a reappearance is a never

Tail still wagging, hope not lost
You don't know that your future's the cost

Still waiting, though, because he's coming back
(Don't quite understand what's a heart attack.)

Minutes and hours; hours and days
Years and years; all a black-and-white haze

Smiles and greetings, strange people you're meeting
None quite the one you're looking for - sleep in

Tired and cold; you're getting quite old
He knows who's waiting, be good as gold

Finally, the last motion, have to go
The story ends with a dog in the snow

Found him, found him, rejoiceful embrace
Going with him, to a much nicer place.

The End

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