Gypsy Gypsy

This poem is about a life without celebration, a life without moments captured on a picture or a film. Its about a life of a rolling stone... who gathers no moss.. or no life...

Gypsy Gypsy, where are you?
From where are you?  Where do you go?
No memory, no history
No roots, no safe place
Who is the little Gypsy girl?

Gypsy Gypsy, who are you now?
Wake up, pack up
Move up, move down
Take little, leave a lot
Say goodbye, leave behind
Who is the young Gypsy girl?

Gypsy, Gypsy, who are you?
No thought, no memory, no pictures
Recollections are few, Connections are less
Travel light Gypsy, travel light
The sun is rising, the sun is setting
Who is the Gypsy lady?

Gypsy Gypsy, where are you now?
Time to go, take little, leave a lot
Adapt every time, Adapt even more
No ties, no love, no time for more
No house, no friends, no time for more
Where are you Gypsy lady?

Gypsy Gypsy who are you?
A reflection of a place,
Too many places, too many reflections
Take a little, leave a lot
Lost in the travels, found in the emptiness
Who are you now Gypsy lady?

Gypsy Gypsy, who were you?
No past, no present, no future
No proof, no seed, no garden
A story, a myth, a memory
Who was the old Gypsy Lady?
Someone who never was….

The End

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