Breaking each and every tooth in my mouth so that you see how ugly it is to smile for you.

While I'm performing the operation, you're breaking every promise you made and every promise you ever would've if you didn't think that his dark curls were superior to every corny three chord song that I left on your voicemail.

You see, I despised him for his tattoos and the taste of cigarettes he left on your tongue.

But now, I despise you for starting fights over wanting ink on my body and wanting to fill my lungs. 

At first, I believed that it was because you cared, but then i realized that I had to be a model of what you wanted. Because you couldn't lower your standards to save your life. 

Even at gunpoint, you would still claim that you actually gave a fuck about whether or not my hair fell out or how many times I stub my toe a day. 

But at gunpoint, I'd tell whoever had my death on their mind that I'll tell them all of my feelings without a threat

Legitimate love that I had for a girl who wouldn't hold my hand in public.

The End

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