Hospitality and Originality


We did have visitors, that day...

Those walkers, lost sometime in May.

How nice to see their happy smiles

At finding us after trudging miles.


How sad that they would not remain…

D’you think it could have been the chain

We offered them to bind their legs

While they ate our pickled eggs?


It makes me smile when I recall

Their faces, as they scaled our wall.

Perhaps they will return next year

And taste again our spider beer.


We love our life, it’s full of wonder

At nature’s gifts from which we plunder

Things to help us, day to day.

We thank the Lord, each time we pray.


These butterflies, they look so cute

When sewn in patterns on my suit.

My cockroach necklace, made with care

And strung on best alpaca hair.


And you, my dear, a genius are

To build that most progressive car

Which runs on carbon-friendly fuel -

The excrement of our pet mule.

The End

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