Guardian Angel

For a rather significant person in my life.

I close my eyes,
And slip away,
Knowing I'll be safe.

My guardian angel,
Watches over me,
As I dream sweet dreams.

She is sweet and kind,
God sent her to me.
And I don't know,
What I would do,
Without this wonderful person.

When I cry,
She's right there by me,
Comforting me all the way.

I take up the knife,
She tells me things,
That stop me right away,
And I live on.

She is my guardian angel,
And I look up to her,
For guidance,
And love.

With this,
I have gotten through,
So many things.

I wake up from frights,
Crying and worrying.
Until she comforts me,
Telling me it's alright.

I lay my head back down,
To her sweet words,
"Good night,
Princess Cierra."

The End

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