The rain splashes against my face,
entwining with my tears.
You frustrate and confuse me,
Your words of disgust.
I am not evil, but I am not perfect.
I am a teenager, trying to discover herself,
her boundaries and this world.
I am your first born,
and for this I am punished with your inexperience,
I understand where you are coming from,
that you too were once a teenager,
but I don't agree with you. Far from it.
But that is me. Argumentative and stubborn- just like you.
I am your daughter
remember that the next time you tell me to "Move out then,"
because although bonded by blood,
we are not binded by chains.
There is only so far I can be pushed away,
before I actually walk.
I am your daugher,
and although I love you deep down,
sometimes it's hard to remember that.
So please remember your words are powerful weapons,
I think you already knew that though-
but you are my dad.
And I forgive you.


The End

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