Those three words. (Marissa)Mature

She puts up with the names, the rumours. She knows her so called friends would drop her if she wasn't this strong, loud person she's meant to be. 
She puts up with those people who love her, letting her down, breaking her heart with every meaningless memory, replacing people who she still wishes were actually there for her. Never complaining, she sits there with the smile, listening to peoples problems- which pile up, taking over her life.
 The smile that covers those tears, those shouts, those nights of nothing.
"Hey, what's up?" -The three words that replace those meaningless I love you's which people use too often without meaning.
Those three words that she wishes you'd mean.
That you instead used to get those pictures or those stories,
I love you?
Used to manipulate, to mess with those who don't deserve it.

The End

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